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There are a lot of terms used to explain the talent of a woman like Caroline Ferrante that have been used across the ages. Jack of all trades. Renaissance woman. But whatever term you choose to go with, one thing is equal across all of them; this woman is super talented. And on her latest EP, Beyond, she seeks to bring that talent to bear on a worshipful set of tracks, lending her powerful voice and unique Americana sound to bring praise to God.

To date, Ferrante may be one of the most underrated artists and multitaskers on the market today. With a background in Chicago in theater and voice, the artist honed her skills in theater production before moving into the Washington, D.C. music scene opening for Birds of Chicago. F

rom there, the sky opened up and she signed her first record deal and began an artist-in-residency at D.C.’s O Street Mansion. That opportunity blossomed into a live radio show and then a celebrated Americana-themed podcast in which she’s interacted with artists like Paul Williams, Mark Bryan (Hootie & the Blowfish), Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), and songwriter Jack Tempchin of The Eagles.

Yet Ferrante boasts even other credits, returning to the theater, this time in front of the curtain, and as a writer while continuing to hone her musical sound, joining with Jim Ellis on lead guitar and John Dahlman on bass to form the indie collective, The Whole Magilla. Now the artist is back in front of the microphone, with friend and producer Austin Bello (Forever The Sickest Kids), helping to highlight her unique take on the gospel sound.

Bello’s production is apparent from front and center, crafting a space that is warm and organic, packed with earnest handclaps and toasty tones that accent Ferrante’s buoyantly nuanced vocals that deliver the wholesome, engaging lyrics with ease on opener River Flow.

It’s rich, flowing, and engaging through and through and sets the table perfectly for the subtle beauty of Peace Be Still. Again, the arrangement is warm and open, this time just Ferrante, an acoustic guitar, and super subtle percussion filling the space, making it feel bigger than it really is. Her vocal delivery here recalls Joni Mitchell at her finest, her voice packed with warm emotion and honesty.

A Little More Faith brings a little more energy to the party, Ferrante setting off a full-fledged Americana-meets-Gospel house party with almost rock-tinged vocal deliveries that build off a series of call and response lines, buoyed by bright rocking guitars and a toe tapping drumbeat that keeps things moving along.

It’s one of the definite highlights here, showcasing Ferrante’s diversity, before leading into closer Hear Your Love, which finds the artist returning to the singer-songwriter vibe. Her vocals continue to be sublime, smooth and elegant while conveying plenty of emotion alongside a soundscape that is filled with engaging, laid back elements that complement the artist’s lyrics of praise.

In the four songs found on Beyond, Caroline Ferrante showcases a talent that is rare and elusive, managing to deliver songs that hit emotionally across a range of sonic textures. Her voice throughout is remarkable and her lyrics sing of love and praise with artistry without pretension. Hers is a voice that we’ll be fortunate to keep hearing.

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Eric Jarvis

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