DawgGoneDavis – I’m Here For Thee

Critically acclaimed comedic rapper DawgGoneDavis returns with her brand new extended play I’m Here For Thee, a six-song disc compiling her most well-known singles alongside a couple of new tunes as well.

DGD has been no stranger to the spotlight this year, cutting such formidable and undyingly funny singles as “Butt on Fiya” and “Forever Music,” and with I’m Here For Thee she enters 2019 with a very exciting release that showcases why critics and fans alike weren’t able to stop talking about her all year long. Her humor comes at us at full force in all six of these tracks, only pausing for the occasional seductive breakdown.

These songs obviously lack the narrative seriousness that the bulk of mainstream hip-hop has been known to possess, but they’re nevertheless produced with the same strenuous level of care.

The synthesized rigidity of “Groovin at the Louvre” is punctuated with this sort of neon bassline that is impossible to escape once it really gets warmed up, and without the carefully defined EQ in the track I don’t think it would be quite as noticeable (or effective). The same can be said of the more minute details within “Anthem Pandemonium” and “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style.”

Of course “Butt on Fiya” and “Middle Aged Woman – Hip Hop Style” are her two biggest hits, but the other songs DGD included in I’m Here For Thee definitely hold their own as well. The title track is particularly peculiar and surreal; its exotic lines and twisting verses are emphasized in the master mix above the vocals themselves, making everything sound much smarter and contrasting than one might be expecting. “Groovin at the Louvre” exploits a similarly churning beat but is careful not to utilize the same swinging rhythm.

The pulsating beats on this record are surprisingly smooth and refined, to the point where if they were accentuated with slightly different lyrics they might be overpowering. But, thankfully, DawgGoneDavis doesn’t take herself too seriously in I’m Here For Thee, and penetrates any notion of emotional intensity or stoic expressionism with her trademark wit, which in my opinion is as captivating as any of the music is by itself.

I’m Here For Thee is a stylistic upgrade for DGD, but the nucleus of her aesthetic remains unchanged – she wants to have fun, and she wants us to do the same (sometimes even at her own expense).

Hardly predictable on any creative level, DawgGoneDavis’ new EP is a laugh-inducing ride into the abstract ethers of hip-hop, but with its worthy captain at the wheel, listeners needn’t be wary of giving its six stylish songs a go.

DGD has accomplished quite a bit in the short but explosive time that she’s been on the scene; from supporting and promoting the Operation Breakthrough organization to simply fostering the once scoffed-at notion that anyone with a passion for making hip-hop could indeed do as much if they tried. It looks like the new year is already shaping up to be an equally exciting one for this songwriter, and as always I’m more than intrigued by what she’ll present us with next.

If you enjoyed a preview from Dawg Gone Davis’ I’m Here For Theed, check out her official website by clicking here. Check her out on Facebook by clicking here.

Eric Jarvis

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