Jupiter In Velvet – Anthems 2 Love

A slinky string caresses a gentle melody as we sink into Jupiter in Velvet’s slow-churning indie rock ballad “If Not Peace… (Then it’s War),” and although this track represents only one-sixth of the total contents of the new EP Anthems 2 Love, it easily contains one of the disc’s most memorable moments.

Jupiter in Velvet makes sure that we feel the passion no matter where we listen in Anthems 2 Love, and while the acclaimed songwriter and alternative rocker has submitted some stimulating content in the past, this latest release gives us an insight into his artistry that was only teased in previous studio cuts. He isn’t holding anything back from the audience here, and that alone makes this record a worthwhile listen this season.

Lyrically speaking, Anthems 2 Love is probably one of the more enigmatic releases Jupiter in Velvet has attached his moniker to. “The Greatest Gift,” the multilayered “Forever & a Day” and visceral “Stand Up” see him toying with a lot of spacey poetry that could be interpreted a number of different ways, but this isn’t to suggest that the record is lacking in a certain continuity. Every stitch of material flows quite well here, and even when things are getting a little more experimental than they would in a mainstream setting – see “A Cooler Shade of Mad” – there’s never a moment where it feels as though the music is slipping away from reality and devolving into something wholly avant-garde and inaccessible to the masses.

The production quality here is solid from top to bottom, but I think it’s worth pointing out that nothing feels particularly overproduced or synthetically supersized. “We Are All One” stings with an organic harmony that lingers in the air long after the track has ceased to play, and though “Stand Up” is one of the rawer songs on the EP, it doesn’t disrupt the overall progression of the tracklist at all – quite the contrary, if I’m being honest. Jupiter in Velvet has never been one to bore us with a lot of frills, fluff and unnecessary excess, and in his most recent trip to the studio, he reaffirms his commitment to authentic songcraft in most every opportunity that the music affords him.

If you’ve never heard the works of Jupiter in Velvet prior to now, I would highly recommend checking out Anthems 2 Love this winter, as it introduces audiences to an exposed side of his musical persona that is both endearing and boldly forward-thinking. From the tortured vocal of “The Greatest Gift” to the confident sway of “A Cooler Shade of Mind,” this is an extended play that consistently demands a reaction out of anyone who happens to be listening, and despite its being rather big for its format (coming in at around 24-minutes in total length), it doesn’t sound overstuffed at all.

This is a good time to be interested in American indie rock, and through artists like Jupiter in Velvet and his fascinating Anthems 2 Love record, we get a sneak peek into what the next decade in pop could potentially hold in store for us.

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Eric Jarvis

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