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EJ: Welcome Alonzo! So happy we get to chat with you today! We know you came from a small town in Illinois. Tell us about where you are from and what kind of support you received from friends and family over the years.

Alonzo: Hey! Im happy to chat with you too. Yes, even though I was born in Chicago, IL I moved to a smaller town named Rockford, IL when I was really young. This is where I grew up and learned many of my life lessons. I’ve always had a beautiful foundation of support from my hometown unfortunately it just was never for me to be a singer. Everyone there knew me as a dancer/choreographer and many just preferred that I stay a dancer and not do music.

My true supporters really don’t care about what I do. They would support me if I wanted to start baking cookies for a living so I love them for that but a lot of the doubt that I experienced in Rockford is why I work so hard today.

Today, many people are starting to realize I’m serious about music and they are slowly jumping on board. I’d say I still have more fans of my music outside of my hometown than in though. I am hopeful that will change.

EJ: What have you experienced as a musician that gives you a clear understanding of just how ‘tough’ the industry can be at times?

Alonzo: WOW! Amazing questions. I have had some really tough moments. I think the Rejection has consistently been the hardest one to swallow. Often being rejected for things that are beyond your control having nothing to do with your talent can be difficult to process. I remember being selected to perform as a challenger on Diddys Tv Show “The Four” about a year and half ago. I had signed the contract, literally been given a date that I needed to go on set and start filming.

A few days before I get a call from the producer saying “They had to make some last-minute cuts”. This had absolutely nothing to do with my talent it was just because they only had 2 episodes left and didn’t have “space” for me. I had just broken up with my ex a month before and getting cut from a show that could possibly change my life was devastating. To get back up and keep fighting for my dream after that was a very tough moment in this industry for me but it taught me that giving up will never be an option.

EJ: If you could work with any music producer in the world who would that be and why?

Alonzo: Missy Elliot. I honestly just love everything about her and her work! She’s timeless, innovative, & a beautiful spirit. I’ve always been a huge fan and I know we would come up with something really fresh and fly (All things me haha)

EJ: What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?

Alonzo: A huge highlight was being able to tour Asia for all of those years. I sold out 4 tours 2013-2016. I call those my years of bootcamp. I was literally training to become the artist that I am today.

EJ: Do you think a musician needs to be in Los Angeles to ‘make it’ in music?

Alonzo: I gotta say the questions in this interview have been some of the best! To answer this question, I’m going to say NO because I know that anything is possible. However, moving to Los Angeles was the best decision I’ve ever made for my life. Constantly being surrounded by your dreams is better than being in a town where you feel alone with your ambitions.

EJ: Where can we find your music online and follow and support you on social media?

Alonzo: Follow me on Instagram @StoryOfAlonzo

Check out my music and more at this link!


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