Cable (Live @ McCarren Park 06-15-13)

The last day of Northside Festival saw me make a pit stip at McCarren Park to hand out flyers for sister site as well as I had a friend meet up with me so we could also catch some of the free show.

I arrived during the last song by My Midnight Heart. While I did not know the name of it, the chorus was catchy as it kept repeating “I don’t want to talk about it”. One guy near me clearly enjoyed it as we was dancing & singing along which is why I remember the song so much. The band sounded good from what little I got to here. I wish I was not tired as I would have liked to have checked out them out later in the evening at Public Assembly as the closing act of the Monarch Presents showcase.

The next band up was Cable. What really caught my attention was how the lead singer was wearing a trench coat outdoors in extremely warm weather. As far as their music goes, it contained a mixed blend of hip-hop beats with pop vocals. I know nothing about them but I will say their set was interesting, especially when they performed a One Direction cover. I had a good time at my first outdoor show.


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