Fête / Syvia (Live @ The Trash Bar 06-14-13)

My first stop for Northside 2013 had me going to one of my favorite hangout spots in Brooklyn, The Trash Bar. Notice I did not say my favorite venue because as awesome as it is, they tend to have sound issues at times (more on that later). I arrived a tad bit late & was surprised to see it was not as crowded as I thought given the fact they had an open bar scheduled.

Fête was the first band up and in hindsight, I am really glad they did not start on time as they ended up being my favorite band of the evening. They have this really fun pop rock fusion to their sound that is highly addictive. Their entire set was really good & that is not something I normally would say.

I was especially impressed by the vocals of Laura Lise Jordan & the drumming of Kimmy Margareta Deuss. The band really had a great connection with the crowd as the interaction was great & their attention was definitely caught. When people in the crowd say 3 more songs instead of one, you had to have been doing something right! I can’t wait to see them again sometime soon.

To be honest, the reason I came to The Trash Bar on this night was to see the next band, Syvia. I am not a big Electropop fan which is why it was odd that I chose them to be the band I wanted to check out. However I can’t deny that I really enjoyed what I heard online. Now here is where I get into the aforementioned sound issues. As they were tuning up things really started to sound distorted but I shrugged it off and figured when the set started it would get better. However during the set, the instruments continuously drowned out the vocals.

As far as the overall performance. I’d say it was good as I was glad they performed Unloveable since it was one of the songs I wanted to hear. The energy & effort was there but it was not helped by the sound issues that often plague The Trash Bar. As far as I am concerned, I would definitely go see them again so I may form a more solid opinion of their live show.


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