FrankySelector – She’s So Carefree

Slickly delivered but, much like the other elements in both the song and the video made to support its release, free of common artificialities found too frequently in new pop music nowadays, the bead in FrankySelector’s “She’s So Carefree” is best described as funky, not bloated, and a marvelous reason to give this track a listen as soon as possible.

FrankySelector steps up to the mic ready to shred through just about any barrier that comes between his melodicism and the audience, and while his overall attack is steeped in soulful self-policing in response to liberal pop excess, it doesn’t force him to be anything other than himself here.

Beyond the surface-level maquillage of the video for “She’s So Carefree,” the song itself contains instrumentation with a very retro feel, not to mention a producer-centric stylization that makes it feel like a 70’s classic more than it does anything overtly futuristic. This isn’t to say that this material isn’t original – far from it – but merely to acknowledge the natural, focused creativity of FrankySelector and his collaborators in this most recent studio offering. He’s not hiding anything from us here, including the influences he holds closest to his own heart.

The harmony in this single definitely alludes to a subtle R&B influence I would love to hear FrankySelector experiment with a little more than he already has in his career thus far, and from where I’m sitting, it verifies that this player grew up on American soul music first and foremost. His swagger levels are absolutely off the charts by the time we hit the seventy-second mark in “She’s So Carefree,” but best of all, none of it ever translates into the negative arrogance too often sewn into the bones of incendiary jams (mainstream and indie the same) just like this one.

She’s So Carefree” might not have been conceived with the intention of it serving as the ultimate introduction to its creator’s sound, but for my money, it definitely does a fine job of encapsulating the energy of the artist and scene that bring it to life this September. FrankySelector has more than a rival or two in this genre, both in Canada and abroad, but as long as he remains as cool, calm and collected in his performances as he did in this latest trip into the recording studio, it’s hard for me to imagine his career doing anything but better in the future.

She’s So Carefree Music Video!

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