Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite – Electrified

There’s definitely some smirking humor behind the name for this project, Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite, bringing together the talents of vocalist and YouTube hit Dee with producers the Grand Brothers, but the first single from the threesome’s collaboration, Electrified, introduces the world to their forthcoming full length release Canyon Diablo in a big way. It’s ideally suited for quick consumption, via radio or YouTube, and has a vibrant mix of retro and modern elements seamlessly merging into an entertaining and unified whole.

The song’s production values are flawless as the Grand Brothers pack the track’s structure with punch complimenting Dee’s striding, confident vocals and bring a balance to the mix and musical attack that never goes off course. There is no fat or pointless sideshows weighing the song down and each section smoothly transitions into the next with a sense of inevitability experienced and casual music lovers alike will appreciate. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite are poised to enjoy a banner year on the back of this single and the album to come.

Dee has maintained a growing public profile for only a short amount of time so far, but his success with songs like Miles and Miles (Living on the Edge) and Filter Factory, coupled with the recognition he’s received as a forceful YouTube presence with massive reach, gives this single an instant cachet it might have otherwise lacked.

Electrified, and presumably the entirety of Canyon Diablo as a whole, highlights a vocalist who is clearly hitting some sort of early career peak as he delivers a command, yet approachable, performance that syncs up very nicely with the arrangement.

It is impossible, merely listening to the track, to divine who handled the bulk of the writing and arranging chores, but Electrified definitely leaps out from the speakers as an unified effort with each part carrying its portion of the creative load. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite may end up an one off affair with Canyon Diablo being its only studio release, but there’s nothing about Dee’s performance indicating anything less than his commitment to the effort.

The sound of the track is vibrant, breathing, and never hesitant to present a brash attitude for the listener. It’s never strident or ham fisted, however, and you can hear the real weight of the song thundering from behind the glossy muscular mix. Nothing ever comes off as braying too much for your attention or appealing to the lowest common denominator; Dee and the Grand Brothers alike possess the needed finesse to make this more memorable and lasting than just another over the top pop number.

Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite’s Electrified has a musical and sonic reach we normally don’t hear from efforts in this vein and there’s an actual time-tested subject in the lyrics that’s expressed with some skill. These factors alone set the project’s first single apart from the pack, but there’s more here for any listener willing to give it a chance.

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