The Side Deal – I Can See Clearly Now

A great song is a great song, is you guessed it, a great song. Most music fans are peculiar sorts—they like the cover version to be nearly identical to the original version. Even rarer is the case where the redux album supersedes the first. Proving that it’s possible and shines even brighter when the group behind the song is comprised of a super group, “I Can See Clearly Now” is the latest single from one such band, The Side Deal.

Making up The Side Deal are Grammy-winning bassist Charlie Colin (formerly of Train), drummer Stan Frazier (founding member of Sugar Ray), Joel and Scott Owen (brothers from PawnShop Kings). The group came together in 2017 and calls Newport Beach, California, home. The band’s previous release “Ghost” landed in early 2020 via Goldie Records. The Side Deal dedicated a fun-filled montage of fan-sent videos and still photos in a companion music video to “I Can See Clearly Now”. They dedicated the video to the front line workers.

If you’re like me, you were already humming “I Can See Clearly Now” even before the first note. While I adore the original song sung by Johnny Nash in 1972, what gave me the chills and the extra goose pimples from The Side Deal is the rock tempo. “Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone, all of the bad feelings have disappeared, here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for, it’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day” sings the pop rock vocals.

What feels like it’s going to be a normal adult contemporary hit amplifies to a fresher, bolder sound. The guitar riffs are a bit grungier, epically hitting some notes I never would have imagined in this particular record. The percussion, as expected from Frazier’s stamp of approval, fills with modern beats and a time more reflective of West Coast Americana – rock. I think that’s also where the Owen brothers show their influence.

The guitar arrangements are styled in rock, punk as well as roots rock. Instead of lush vocal harmonies, leave it to these innovative musicians to create a sound that gives the listener a rush. Certainly not unnoticed, Colin’s bass work is felt more at the beginning of the song, and the throbbing lines direct the listener into an immediate groove reaction. The instrumentation transitions are smooth and seem to bathe themselves in the sun-kissed California sound.

Fans that enjoy the original, as well as the 1993 Jimmy Cliff version will want to check this track and lyric video to lift their spirits. While the lyrics are simple and repetitive, no matter, the song is a near-perfect pop song. The Side Deal make it a bigger deal than it is with their modern synergy and unique mark. Sometimes you need to just have a song on your playlist and repeating in your head that makes you feel good – this is that track. A great band artistically interpreting an old song is still a great band.

The Side Deal – I Can See Clearly Now Video!

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