Makes My Blood Dance – Beaming Right Up

Makes My Blood Dance’s new music video for the single “Beaming Right Up” captures the very essence of the song’s thunderstorm of grooves in a collection of visuals that are arguably just as stirring as the music soundtracking them is.

While I’ve seen a lot of rock and metal groups favoring more of a stripped-down approach to music videos in the last year, Makes My Blood Dance take the polar opposite approach with “Beaming Right Up,” and end up producing a provocative smorgasbord of excess that is surprisingly refreshing in this emergent age of minimalist pop music.

As far as the track itself goes, the electrifying guitars are probably the biggest draw worth writing home about here. From the jump, they’re assaulting us with a forcefulness that is tough to come by these days (at least when we’re not listening to our local classic rock stations).

The bassline abuses the heck out of the treble-soaked percussion, and by the time that we reach the midway point in the song, Makes My Blood Dance seem to get even more aggressive in their approach to the main riff. The melodies run high, but the raucous attitude is what seals the deal for me in this single.

The video is slickly produced, but I think it’s worth pointing out that it doesn’t come across as overly campy in the least. As previously noted, excess is the not so secret ingredient in the formula that the band utilizes in “Beaming Right Up,” but it’s not derived from the same strain of indulgence that, say, a more progressive outfit would typically employ.

The visual bombast is there, but it’s devoid of the plasticity and, perhaps even more importantly, the cartoonish colors that Makes My Blood Dance’s less than refined contemporaries might have instead chosen to go with here.

This single is super-danceable, and the music video does a terrific job of embodying the stylish identity of the band’s club-style rock n’ roll without leaning too heavily on stereotypical themes. “Beaming Right Up,” on the surface, has no qualms about honoring its influences and the standard that they set forth, but on a deeper, more aesthetical level, it’s a conceptual piece that stops just shy of being conceited when it really matters the most. Makes My Blood Dance are the new kids on the block right now, but they’re certainly not acting like amateurish young bloods in this stunning debut.

Not very many rookie releases pack as much showmanship and charisma into three and a half minutes of play as well as “Beaming Right Up” does, but then again, there’s nothing particularly conventional about the material that Making My Blood Dance brings to the table with them here.

Their style of heavy music isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the serious rocker in need of a rip-roar riff fix, their sound is one that I would deem a reliable source of satiating, machismo-laced rock n’ roll thunder. We’ll see what the future holds for this group, but right now, things are looking pretty bright.

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Eric Jarvis

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