SPiN – Dig Your Own Grave

Philadephia-based alternative rock band SPiN is primarily a live performance band and its members E, Jim, Lou, and Hank have headlined and supported other bands across the US and played hundreds of shows.   SPiN will rock your socks off, whether in the live setting or on its first EP Stalked and recently released EP Meant To Rise.

Lead cut Dig Your Own Grave is a classic attack of ‘90s alternative rock, all pumped up drumming, deeply growling guitar distortion, and raucous male vocal exclamations.  Fists will be punching the air when this one is spun.  The video is amusing in the sense that it swaps out the male frontman with a sassy female stand-in who is just as expressive in her lip-synched and dance movements.

The video, however, leans too much into voyeuristic territory and once again dredges up the reminder that rock ‘n’ roll is still a male-dominated arena where women are, or can be, treated as objects.  But go on and have a blast with this gritty, but melodic tune – It’s a sure thing.

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