The Elected Officials – Death For Sale

Fiercely adrenaline-packed and driven as much by its thunderous beats as it is a firing line-style riffing, “Death For Sale,” the new single and music video from The Elected Officials, is one part tribute to the classic hardcore thrills of yesteryear and another part hybrid punk anthem steeped in contemporary intensities, but no matter how you break it down, it’s one heck of a rhythmic rollercoaster.

Old school punk aesthetics get the makeover that we didn’t even know they needed in “Death For Sale,” and although I wouldn’t describe this as being the only sonic shot of life available on the left side of the dial this spring, it’s definitely a track (and a music video) that hardcore fanatics everywhere need to be listening to right now.

The music video for this song, much like the composition itself, is cut and dry beyond what most rock music would call for, and personally, I like its barebones focus on the substance of the source material over any visual additions that ultimately would have clouded the narrative here.

There’s no room for filler in the minds of The Elected Officials, and in true punk rock fashion, they leaves the bells and whistles at the door in “Death For Sale” whilst piling on the organic elements in their music – angst, aggression, relentlessness – as high as we can handle ‘em.

This is an interesting band turning in one seriously stimulating new single this March, and I highly recommend giving it a listen the next time you’re browsing for hot alternative tracks.

If you enjoyed “Death For Sale” by The Elected Officials, check out their official website by clicking here & give them a like on Facebook by clicking here.

Eric Jarvis

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