Jupiter In Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love

Passion now that is what you want to see in music nowadays. Whether it is coming from an artist or band if there is passion involved then that release by whoever it is will turn out to be quite a piece of work. Thus Jupiter In Velvet is a UK band who came about in 2012. Sometime later releasing a handful of material here and there including most recent being an album called In2 the Arms of Love.

A solid piece of work by a band that has been in the making for some time now. So by those first few words you are already likely interested in hearing what this album is all about most likely. Well the album consists of 10-tracks including one being the single off this album called Til the End of The World. This track having the band describe it best as that life is a journey and in the end there is only love. But can we all agree with that or is there more to be said with it? Perhaps there is because the band goes on to say that seeking love and putting all of your faith into the one that is real will save you. So putting those together ends up being quite the expression or saying of the words supposedly.

If none of that made much sense then it is alright this single has a hit count of over 17,000 so it has that going for it. Which has the song being very rock driven with its rock music flare. But this album is just not rock music based, oh no it is electronic dance music as well. So you say what how can that be with such an act. Well any artist or band can take whatever genres they want and make it work. Hence why we are here with this album discussing it. The single so far has been successful for the rest of the album will likely be the same as well maybe perhaps.

In any case though In2 the Arms of Love, brings the U.K. band that is Jupiter In Velvet front and center, having this band sound a lot like other such acts like Wolfmother, The Mars Volta, or even some material from earlier acts like Led Zepplin, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. If you have taken a liking to any of these bands then that is what you end up with when it comes to Jupiter In Velvet.

In2 the Arms of Love, is another one of those albums, that you can enjoy listening too in your car, heard on the radio or on your music player of choice. You will likely find yourself if not hearing the album, then checking out the single released beforehand. If neither works out for you, then perhaps this band just is not the one for you. Which is sad because there are one of those acts, whose made it for themselves in just a short years time. Surely in no time at all they will continue to strike up music to many other people who like to rock n’ roll.

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