Billy Jeter – Shine Eye Landing

Billy Jeter’s new full length album, “Shine Eye Landing” is basically a love letter to American Folk and the Delta Blues. All of the tracks have the essence of classic 60s-70s folk rock and blues, but they still sound like Jeter’s own. He clearly has spent his life steeped in that kind of sound, and pulls it off flawlessly, without sounding cheesy or dated. The album starts with the toe-tapping “Orion,” a song that has a cowboy kind of vibe, but doesn’t fall back onto that twangy country sound. Throughout all the tracks, Jeter curates classic sounding music that feels somehow timeless and current.

Shine Eye Landing” has a good mix of upbeat tacks, like “That’s Just The Way We Roll” and “Spider Lily” and more somber blues like “Cut You Down” and “Song For Walter.” It really keeps all the songs from blending together into one lump of sound. Jeter has a truly pleasant voice, it’s strong and clear, with a little hint of his Arkansas/Mississippi Delta roots. While normally this kind of music would appeal more to older listeners, I think some of these tracks could appeal to people of all ages and musical preferences. It’s hard not to like that quintessential folk sound, it’s something that has drawn people in for decades. It’s simple and captures the way the working class live their lives and feels homey and relatable.

The album definitely evokes the feeling of traveling through sleepy towns in middle America, driving through farm land and factories. Or stumbling across a bar where a local folk band is playing a killer set. Either way, it has this aurora of motion, of rambling from one place to another. I think most great folk/blues albums follow that kind of formula. The common man on the road, singing about personal and community strife, women, friendship, and occasionally God. It’s a sound we keep coming back to as Americans, ever since the 60’s put it into popular culture. Jeter has really committed to the sanctity of this sound and honors it well.

If you’re tired of the current pop music climate, easing yourself into the folk/blues world with “Shine Eye Landing” might make you enjoy music again. There’s some simple joy in rhythms and sounds that this kind of music employs. While occasionally the lyrics might be bleak, they’re always full of real emotion. Jeter seizes the blues spirit which allows his music to feel genuine and showcases his talent as an artist. Even the song “Oh Lordy Me,” which sounds like something I would normally skip, is fun and catchy. I enjoyed this album more than I thought I would at first glance. It is always worth giving all kinds of music and sounds a try, even if it’s not something you usually gravitate towards.

All in all, Billy Jeter and “Shine Eye Landing” provide a fresh take on a deeply classic American sound. While there are a lot of artists who attempt this kind of music, I don’t know if I’ve come across one recently who has created something that blends so seamlessly with the folk/blues of the past.

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