Brent Daniels – Every Road Has A Turn

Some are just born with that burning desire to create music. Whether it is keeping time with the drums, writing heartfelt lyrics, making melodies with wind instruments, tinkling the ivories or plucking the strings it is something that is a calling that for some… never let’s go. Musician and country music artist Brent Daniel understands this calling.

From the early age of seven years old Brent Daniel knew his soul belonged to making music but life events lead him for a while in another direction. It would be several years until the reawakening would occur, and here today it finally has.

Three years ago Brent’s music in his soul was awakened. Thanks to famous producer, Robyn Robins (the founding member of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band),he was discovered through one of his best friends at the university. Robyn recognized the talent that Brent Daniel carried and he encouraged him to take up what should have been his all along… music.

The time Brent Daniels, along with his friend/producer Robyn Robins, put into this first album, Every Road Has A Turn, feels somehow so appropriate. As we never really do know, do we, when our where our roads may turn to the direction that was always meant for us to begin with. For Brent Daniel clearly this country music was just waiting and now, now it is time for what was always meant to be.

The first single from Every Road Has A Turn is, My First Friday Night. A country song written by song writer, Dallas Davidson. In it, the song reveals a sad love story and the country music vocals of Brent Daniels brings the deep raw emotional feelings forward as he performs this number. Certainly, this song as well as this album was meant for Brent Daniels each and every note and track.

Each piece of music takes you around another bend in the road, My Trucks Bigger Than Your Truck catches a fun diddly that battles those macho trucks down through the mud bogs.

Party At The End Of The Road takes you right there, you can almost hear that pop top being ripped from your can of ice-cold Bud. Another heartache comes pouring from Long Way From Leaving, Brent Daniel vocally here stands right there with Tim McGraw. The next number, Love You Down, is a perfect love song to share.

To party it up through the night you can spin right off this album, One Big Party, and Young Wild And Crazy. Keeping that love pulse beating you can tune into, Everything About You, and a tear jerker about life in its honesty opens wide with, Hold On.

A tune for a long drive with all your windows down comes with, Need A Little Love Right Now, and another heart melter, Different Just The Same, sends chills through your ticker. The perfect conclusion to Brent Daniels debut album has to be I’ve Been Gone.

This album brings together all the country elements needed with life, love, trucks, fishing, and partying… yes this album, Every Road Has A Turn, most certainly takes you down every path there is and it is mighty satisfying work.

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