Elephant – Sky Swimming

For quite sometime I was feeling uninspired & unsure as to why. I would start listening to a new project and just not find words to put down that made sense as everything just started to sound the same.. All of this changed when I checked out the debut album from Elephant titled Sky Swimming.

Sky Swimming opens up with Assembly which I fell in love with instantly as it sounded new & fresh to my ears. I could have listened to this song on repeat all day & been just fine with it. However I knew that would have to wait until after I was done!

As much as I loved the opener, if I had to choose my personal favorite, it was Allure which was a soft ballad that had some real catchy lyrics. I tend to find myself always singing choruses of songs I love & this one was no different.

Honestly every song on the album stands on its own in terms of greatness for various reasons. This is an album I can truly find absolutely nothing negative to say about it.

I feel like it has been a long time since I felt this passionate about an album. It is one thing for me to really like it & a whole different ballgame to actually feel different inside while listening to it.

After listening to Sky Swimming, I truly understood why I do this as I need to put the word out about the amazing talent that exists out there who deserve recognition for the gifts they have.

Hopefully I will get to catch Elephant live as I truly love this band which has quickly become one of my favorites. Check it out & see why it deserves the high praise I & many others have given it so far!


  1. Assembly
  2. Skyscraper
  3. Allured
  4. Ants
  5. Elusive Youth
  6. Shipwrecked
  7. Torn Tongues
  8. Come To Me
  9. TV Dinner
  10. Sky Swimming
  11. Golden
  12. Shapeshifter

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