Jeff Coffey – Origins: Vocalists And The Songs That Made Me

When a timeless voice sings timeless music, extraordinary things happen. Jeff Coffey, known for his stellar run as vocalist for legendary rock band, Chicago, and current bassist for former Eagles’ guitarist, Don Felder, is putting is passionate voice to the songs that shaped him in the ultra-fun Origins – Vocalists And The Songs That Made Me. The current single is “New York Minute.”

Coffey’s voice and musicality is a perfect fit for Don Henley’s original song. He brings to life the story of how easily things can change, how life can bounce from good to bad in a moment’s notice – in a New York Minute. Coffey sings “I pulled my coat over my shoulders / And took a walk down through the park/The leaves were falling around me/ The groaning city in the gathering dark/On some solitary rock/A desperate lover left his mark/Baby, I’ve changed, please come back.” His voice has a sweetness to it, a realness that is very similar to Henley’s vocals. What makes Coffey’s interpretation relevant to 2020 is just a bit meat in his voice. It’s not raspy or over dramatic, there’s just a tad more devotion in his delivery. This song comes to life when Coffey sings; Henley’s original work is palpable, but it’s Coffey that flavors the connection.

Other standout tracks on Origins are “Ask The Lonely” and “Who Wants To Live Forever”. “Ask”, originally recorded by Journey in 1983, is a song that is right in Coffey’s wheelhouse. Almost 40 years later, this song’s keyboard arrangements haven’t lost their luster. Coffey’s voice is not as deep as Steve Perry’s, but it’s just as passionate and sincere. “Who Wants To Live Forever” is an original Queen track (and from the Highlander movie). Coffey’s dramatic interpretation sways the heart and triggers a modern assortment of guitars and moving music bed. At first the song sounds a bit dated, but Coffey carries the listener into-the-now.

Lastly, “Baby It’s Tonight” is another killer track. Originally recorded by Jude Cole in 1990, Cole’s song might be considered a one-hit wonder. Coffey propels this irresistible hit with his infectious take on the inescapable “If I ever need your arms to heal me, baby it’s tonight”. Compared to the original recording, Coffey is targeted and he’s all in. This song just never gets old – nor does Coffey’s voice in the pop-rock tune.

Other tracks include “Maggie May”, “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”, “It’s Only Love”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “This Is It” and “Waiting For A Girl Like You”.

The verdict on Origins – Vocalists And The Songs That Made Me is that Coffey truly honors the songs that inspired him and in many cases he leads these songs better than the originals. He fits like a glove in hits that have stood the test of time, and his voice is made for pop rock. He has his likes and those songs are the songs that have the soundtrack for the last 40 years. Keep the songs coming, Mr. Coffey. You could sing the phone book and make it a hit. High marks indeed for Jeff Coffey and his limitless voice.

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