Literature – Chorus

I started my day off by checking out Chorus, the debut album from Literature which came out on August 19th. As loyal readers know, I am a big fan of indie pop & this album did not disappoint in delivering some with a mostly cheery sounding selection of songs.

Some of the standouts to me included track 2 which was titled The English Softhearts. I really loved the beat to this song as it hit the spot for me especially in terms of the guitar & drum work.

Court/Date has a really infectious chorus that I am still humming & singing to myself long after I was done listening to it. I am sure it will have that same effect on you.

Chime Hours was a definite change of pace as it showed a softer & slower sound compared to the previous 6 tracks. I actually liked that it felt different as I normally don’t like albums where everything starts to sound repetitive as I get bored.

If you are a fan of indie pop, Chorus will do it for you. The only bad thing was that after a while it did start to sound a bit repetitive in terms of tone & vibe. Hopefully in the future they will work on making their sound a bit more versatile as to not be deemed a one trick pony.


  1. The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything
  2. The English Softhearts
  3. Blasé
  4. Tie-Dye (Your Life)
  5. Court/Date
  6. New Jacket
  7. Chime Hours
  8. Chorus
  9. Jimmy
  10. Dance Shoes
  11. Kites


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