Nick Dakota – Vision

Wild and free that is what country rock is meant to be, and country rocker Nick Dakota is riding in with his acoustic guitar and a rocking tempestuous storm with a vision to bring his kick ace style straight to your heart.

Born and bred near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan on Lake Macatawa, this Michigan country rocking boy has brought Nashville, Tennessee a sound they have been craving and this sound is now flowing across the world of music as fans are elated to get down to the sweetness of great country rock. With a lit fire for life, and a charismatic jest for zeal there is not anything that comes between this country rockers long ginger dreads and his guitar of sound.

Nick Dakota’s album, Vision, is just that- total and complete clarity that sings and rings a heartfelt, soulful sound that is beloved by all. Whether you are a die hard country listener or a hip swaying rocker the album Vision has got you covered. An album that is sure to be one you want to play over and over again and listen to wherever you are. It is bang-up music all the way through, this a complete album of extraordinary tunes.

Nick Dakota open’s his album, Vision, with a carefree love song, Fall All Over Again, then leads into a feel good number with, Heart on Fire. Next is a fun song that carries some fantastic harmonies, How Cool Is That.

The females will fall in love with the song, How Much I Love You, as Nick Dakota steals the sigh of the lovers hearts. In truth this song felt like  Kenny Chesney may have some competition in the arena of love songs. Nick Dakota can sing and is charismatically good-looking  ginger with a little rock, a little southern rock, and a little sweetness all mixed together.

Holding this album all the way through Nick Dakota sends One Last Request, the pop filled Keith Urban feel of, Rain Down Sunshine, and the soul with Past You and Me. A harder rocking style with more guitar riff breakdowns comes in the tune, Sledge Hammer, The Deep End heads to the good times with talk of something like” tank tops” and hanging on the “tree stump…” you know smashing energies are flowing and happening.

A stronger percussion presence can be heard in the number, Too, while Used sits you back on a tractor in a hay field with the warm summer winds blowing. Finishing out the album Vision, and still leaving you wanting more of Nick Dakota’s music is, We’ll Have Paris.

Nick Dakota brings something back to country that has been missing… a real sound with a feel good about life all being told in a country rock n roll edge with blue jeans, bandanas and a guitar. A superstar that can sit comfortably on either side of the industries genres of country or rock. Vision is Nick Dakota’s kick-start and we all want more.

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