The Rich Hands – Out Of My Head

Friday is here & I decided to mix it up by checking out the San Antonio trio The Rich Hands whose new album Out Of My Head comes out on May 6th.

Out Of My Head featured a very grunge like sound mixed in with some 50’s surf pop. While normally this kind of mix does not get my attention however I was willing to give it a listen & provide an honest opinion.

The album opens with All Over Me, a heavy guitar driven track with some rough vocals to it. It had a nice edge to it that helped signal what was to come.

Ballroom Love was a bit slower paced while maintaining the same sort of intensity from the opener. The drums in the track really helped set it off as I found myself enjoying it a lot more.

Out Of My Head is in no way shape or form reinventing the wheel lyrically or musically. It is not even my taste wheelhouse but I can’t help but admit I enjoyed listening to it as the upbeat & fun vibes of it could not be ignored.

If I was actually into air guitar, I might have whipped out some of my skills for it. However if that is your thing, go for it while rocking out to stories of girls & having fast yet fun times!

I would recommend giving it a listen when it comes out on May 6th.


  1. All Over Me
  2. Ballroom Love
  3. Love Struck
  4. I Want You
  5. Home
  6. Guy Like Me
  7. So Fine
  8. Teenager
  9. No Harm Blues
  10. Other Boys
  11. I Get By




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