The Secret History – Americans Singing In The Dark

The Secret History have finally released a new album as it seems like ages ago since I first discovered them at the 2012 Northside Festival. Ever since I did, I have loved and supported their music.

The 10 song album titled Americans Singing In The Dark begins with Johnny Panic (Forget Everything). The track opens with some silky smooth guitar rhythms and those amazing vocals that I have come to expect from them.

Next up is Sergio which happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. I particularly love the chorus on this song as it is so irresistibly infectious. Gideon & The Zeroes is another track I really enjoyed especially the chorus where they say “Gideon” repeatedly. Some other favorites include Eleanor (The City & Sea), Jenny Panic & Danny Boyd (Low Tide In Harbor Town). The latter has a great summer day on the beach sultry vibe to it.

The album closes with Ages Of Lulu which starts off with what sounds like a nice harmonica sound before turning into a really nice ballad that is full of emotion while showcasing what feels like a bittersweet sadness to it.

Americans Singing In The Dark can best be described as Melodic Pop, the way it is supposed to be done. The album is filled with great songs that really strike a chord & which could easily be on mainstream radio although to be honest, they are way too good for that. The formula being executed by front man Michael Grace Jr. clearly works for me & I am pretty confident you will feel the same way after listening to the album.


  1. Johnny Panic (Forget Everything)
  2. Sergio
  3. Age Of Victoria
  4. Eleanor (The City & Sea)
  5. Age Of Marianna
  6. Gideon & The Zeroes
  7. Jenny Panic
  8. Isabelle & The Music
  9. Anthony!
  10. Danny Boyd (Low Tide In Harbor Town)
  11. Ages Of Lulu

Pick up the new album Americans Singing In The Dark by clicking here.

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