Emily & The Complexes – Dirty Southern Love

I was lounging around & felt like checking out some new music. So with that in mind, I decided to check out Dirty Southern Love, the new EP from Columbus, Ohio based Emily & The Complexes.

Besides the opening track having a really interesting title, Yer Boyfriend (Is A Cheapskate) satisfied me that I was real curious what else they had up their sleeve.

Joshua had some real nice instrumentals that really did it for me. Not to say that You Won’t was a bad track, it just did not catch my attention outside of just being there to eat up space.

However the final track Jersey City Blues was one that stood out the most. The lyrics were real interesting, especially the line of “rubbing alcohol or scotch, I don’t care which” that would sure be a hit to the drinkers out there. I really am curious what the inspiration for this song was.

Make no mistake about it, Dirty Southern Love is a no frills barebones rock record that makes no apology for what it is. If you enjoy this kind of straight to the point style, this is a EP that would be worth checking out. Pick up a copy by visiting their Bandcamp.


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