Soul Asylum – No Fun Intended

I know I might get a lot of flack for this but while I had heard of Soul Asylum, I never heard any of their music. I was born in 1988 & such music as rock did not come into the picture until my teen years. So with that in mind, I stumbled upon their new EP No Fun Intended & to be honest, the title is very fitting as I did not have much fun listening to it.

The 3 song all covers EP starts off with Attacking The Beat (The Suicide Commandos) which was decent as far as the sound goes but it never went anywhere to become special. The biggest issue I had with it was how dull the vocals came off.

Next up was the cover of the legendary Joy Division cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Of the 3 songs on No Fun Intended, this was the only one I found myself to actually enjoy mainly for the lyrics itself versus what the band did with it.

The EP finishes off with Shakin’ Street (MC5) which featured a repetitive chorus and overall instrumental progression. Once again I feel this came off flat compared to the original. The song just never took off & caught my attention which sadly was the case for the whole EP.

Was No Fun Intended the worst release I have ever heard? Absolutely not! However it clearly underwhelmed me in every way possible. Covers are a very tricky animal that make even the best artists come off as mediocre which is why they are not for everyone.

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