Tony Molina – Confront The Truth

What do you think of when you see the letters EP? As a writer who has had the pleasure of reviewing quite a few EPs, I usually imagine a few tracks, each being at least 3 minutes or more but today my perspective of that concept changed after listening to Tony Molina’s upcoming EP release Confront The Truth.

I decided to listen to Confront The Truth as I kept seeing Tony’s name in passing but never got around to giving him a listen. I could probably sit down and listen to all of his released music and it might not even take 45 minutes..

Confront The Truth is an 8 track EP with each song being less than 3 minutes which confused me at first as I thought maybe I was sent a sampler and not the full EP. However I then did my research and realized that is his style, short but straight to the point.

The first track on Confront The Truth is a 51 second instrumental titled Lisa’s Song which I was completely blown away by as it immediately pulled me in by how gentle yet powerfully moving it was at the same time.

Some of the songs that do feature vocals such as I Don’t Want To Know and Old Enough To Know were really good and showcased that not only Tony would give you great instrumental work but could back it up lyrically & vocally as well.

I personally think Tony’s short & straight to the point style on Confront The Truth is genius as he does enough to keep your attention yet have you yearning for more.

While Confront The Truth might be short in time, it definitely is not in quality so I highly suggest you pick up a copy as soon as it is released via Slumberland Records on October 28th!

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