Boatkeeper 06-09-18 (Live @ Oxford Art Factory)

Boatkeeper – coastal sounds of a salt drenched youth

Gig date: 9th June 2018

Venue: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

Members: Boyd, Jordan, Ben, Jack and James

Support or headline: Support for Sons Of The East (Sydney)

Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was great, more than half of the audience knew every word to all of their songs which was great to see and hear.

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: The band definitely captured the audience’s attention with an intro to a song that was super fast and really catchy. They did it so we weren’t bored and falling asleep. (They mentioned that on stage so we all knew why they did the fast intro). So: clever entertainers and masterful crowd managers too.

Genre: Indie/ Pop/ Folk

Rating: 8/10 guitars

My review:

  • Great songs
  • Lightshow was amazing, looked so cool.
  • I love the songs ‘Ring Ring’, ‘Shadows’ and ‘Refugee’

Set List:

  1. Roam
  2. Still I Sing
  3. So Go
  4. Ring Ring (video I took)
  5. Faraway Tree
  6. Piece In Me
  7. Shadows
  8. Cleanse
  9. Refugee

Growing up in Mission Beach, Queensland; Boatkeeper have woven the coastal sounds of a salt drenched youth into their own brand of soulful, acoustic folk/rock. The band is a bit of a ‘family band’, consisting of Boyd’s brother Jordan, separate (family) brothers Jack and Ben and their friend from school James.

The band takes their sound to another level, turning catchy acoustic sing-a-longs into extremely catchy folk-rock anthems. Boatkeeper put the crowd at ease with an invitation to ‘chill out’ they provide warm, honest and intimate stories through their lyrics. Awesome stuff boys!

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