Bradley Stone 07-13-18 (Live @ Leadbelly)

Bradley Stone – soulful brilliance. (my apologies about the photos Bradley, camera issues!)

Gig date: 13th July 2018

Venue: Leadbelly, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Byron Bay, Australia

Member: Bradley Stone

Support or headline: Support act for Louis Baker

Good crowd/bad crowd: Absolutely in awe of how his vocals can go from really high to extremely low.

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: A lot of people were swaying their hips or their arms up in the air they were enjoying his performance so much. Although, when Bradley sang the song On The Moon which was written for his dad that sadly died of cancer, everyone had a tear in their eye and I could tell no one wanted him to stop singing. That’s how captivating his voice really was. He sounds almost exactly like the late Jeff Buckley, which is so cool.

Genre: Alternative

Rating: 8/10 guitars

My review:

  • His voice is just unbelievably good
  • He’s such an amazing guitar player
  • His vocal range is amazing
  • Very meaningful songs
  • I love; ‘On The Moon’ and ‘I Choose You’

Set List:

  1. What Would I Do
  2. Home
  3. On The Moon
  4. I Choose You
  5. Water Into Wine
  6. Unaware (Allen Stone Cover)

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and musician, Bradley Stone released his debut single, Lover, in February 2016 when he was just 19. The track reached number 1 on Triple J Unearthed and stayed at the top for two months. He has played to a crowd of 4000 at the Sydney Opera House and featured on Aria Award album 7 Mirrors from legendary Aussie hip-hop rapper, Drapht. Which is absolutely incredible.

Sadly, during this time he lost his father to cancer. He began performing on the streets of Byron Bay to support himself, turning his hardships into a new collection of songs about his experiences. The end result for that, is his wonderfully written Debut EP To: The Woods Including his single On The Moon which a very emotional dedication from son to father. Which is so heart-warming. His voice and look definitely reminds me of Jeff Buckley. Go get em’ Bradley!!

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