CHVRCHES 06-15-14 (Live @ McCarren Park)

When I planned my schedule for this festival I ran into CHVRCHES a well known band from Scotland whose name I had seen many times before but never had the chance to listen to a lot of their songs. After doing so, I can understand how they have nearly 400,000 likes on Facebook & fan chapters all over the world!

As you could imagine, McCarren Park was packed to the brim to see them so much to the point I had to engage in some championship level maneuvering just to get a decent spot to view what turned out to be a flat out amazing set.

They opened up with a fabulous performance of  We Sink whose chorus I loved & had stuck in my head long after the show was over. After this song, I could not help but be mesmerized at how full of energy they were to go along with ridiculous catchy beats & great vocals.

I want to give a shout to the crowd who was freaking awesome & insane from start to finish as they sang, danced & jumped to every second of the show. Plus who does not enjoy random beach balls & frisbees being tossed around!

My favorite overall moment of the set was when they played Recover which I was hoping would be played. I was so caught up in the moment, I got my dancing groobve on. None of my friends were there so if I looked dorky, they would never know. Actually even if I did who cares, I was rocking out to CHVRCHES!

CHVRCHES made a huge impression on me & they will for you as well if you see them live!


  1. We Sink
  2. Lies
  3. Lungs
  4. Gun
  5. Night Sky
  6. Strong Head
  7. Recover
  8. Tether
  9. Under The Tide
  10. The Mother We Share


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