Coast and Ocean 08-02-18 (Live @ Waywards- Bank Hotel)

Coast and Ocean – a fresh, cool and very talented young artist to follow

Gig date: 2nd August 2018

Venue: Waywards- Bank Hotel, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Member: Alex

Support or headline: Support for Peach Fur (Gold Coast)

Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd seemed to be really excited to see what Alex was going to throw at us. To say they were in awe of his talent and voice is an understatement. Everyone was dead silent, enjoying his amazing set.

Number of times seen solo: 1

Crowd participation: Little bit of a back-story: Alex literally got off a plane yesterday morning and just about slept through the gig. He was extremely jetlagged. Despite all that, he put on a brilliant show, with awesome beat-box’ing and very smooth and toned back vocals.  Everyone was joining in with the singing and I even heard a few people trying to beat-box too. Haha funny times (leave it to the professionals; like Alex guys..)

Genre:  Beat-boxing, Surf rap, New-Wave and Acoustic

Rating:  8/10 guitars

My review:

  • Vocals are amazing, absolute raw emotion in every note
  • Alex performed with total physical commitment too; hand and body-movement accentuating each line (and note) with passion
  • Beat-box’ing was great
  • He knows how to keep a crowd entertained
  • Straight from the Ed Sheeran mould of raw talent!


Set List:

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Top flight remix
  3. Suntouchers
  4. Doobies Girl
  5. Sanctuary (video I took)

Summary: Alex is an inspired, experimental, multi-instrumentalist songwriter, rapper and musician. He incorporates loop pedal rhythms, beat boxing and acoustic percussion with a full blend of soulful melodic vocals. Making him a fresh, cool and very talented young artist to follow. He’s the type of artist who can make his audience feel like he is singing personally to each of them, whilst still creating the atmosphere that they are all, as a crowd, a part of something bigger. Something meaningful, and extremely important is the best way I can describe it.

Awesome stuff Alex.  Loved it. Thank you.

The Music Producer

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