Dande and The Lion 07-15-18 (Live @ Record Crate)

Dande And The Lion –  Roar!

Gig date: 15th July 2018

Venue: Record Crate, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sydney, Australia

Members: Bianca, Chris, Natassa and Nicholas

Support or headline: Supporting Kingston County (Sydney)

Good crowd/bad crowd: At first the crowd was just laid back, very interested to see how the night would go and what the bands would be like, but most of all pretty damn cold. After Dande And The Lion started, everyone started to get into the groove and lost themselves in the music. I know I did, I was swaying my hips and bopping my head.

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: As I just mentioned above, a lot of people got really into their music and started moving their hips to the beat. Started singing along. Admittedly, when I wasn’t taking photos I was sitting on the stool tapping away, on my lap to the beat of the drums. But let’s just say Chris did it better (than me) J

Genre: Indie Rock

Rating: 7/10 guitars

My review:

  • Really cool songs
  • Very catchy
  • I really liked “Gentlemen’s Collection” such awesome tones and melodies.
  • Nicholas’s solo was extremely good. Keep it up bro.

Set List:

  1. Shadows
  2. Stay With Me
  3. Seek You
  4. Let Go
  5. Audley’s Talking
  6. Last Song
  7. Love’s Edge
  8. Give Me Something
  9. Gentlemen’s Collection

Dande and the Lion are rocking the local music scene with their uniquely captivating harmonies and rhythmic driven melodies. Fronted by the charming Bianca and Natassa, with Nick and Chris laying the low-end rumble, this energetic, engaging and cheerful indie band sold out the Oxford Art Factory with their recent debut EP Audley’s Talking.

While they will be hitting the studio to lay down some new tracks throughout July, they are looking forward to continuing their live shows up and down the coast, spreading their music one roar at a time.  They are definitely worth seeing live, keep this fun up-and-coming band on your radar and hear what all this commotion is about.

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