Gustaf Axel 01-21-16 (Live @ The Way Station)

On a cold winter night, I made the trek to Prospect Heights in Brooklyn to catch my good friend Gustaf Axel (front man for Goodbyemotel) play a solo set at The Way Station.

Gustaf has been playing around the city of late promoting solo material that he has been working on for quite awhile. I am glad that these songs are making it out to our ears as I loved his performance as each song had a standout vibe to them.

One of the best moments of the set was the beautiful rendition he did of the song My Funny Valentine which had his vocals shine through like a beacon of light.

It is impossible to pick one favorite song from the set since I loved them all but if I had to do so, Come Alive would be a strong candidate as it was just that good.

I really hope Gustaf plans on releasing a solo EP in the near future as these songs need to be heard by the masses. In the meantime I will just take in the special feeling of hearing them live which I highly suggest you do as well!

The best thing is you will be able to do that real soon as he is playing a solo set at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1) on February 5th at 9PM. Goodbyemotel fans don’t fret as the band also has a date with Rockwood Music Hall on February 26 (Stage 2 @ 10pm).


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