Johnny Hunter 07-28-18 (Live @ The Lansdowne)

Johnny Hunter – Get your freaking arses on a plane overseas and show the world how good you are (please) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gig date: 28th July 2018

Venue: The Lansdowne, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sydney, Australia

Members: Johnny, Ben, Xander, Gerry and Nick

Support or headline: One of the headliners.

Good crowd/bad crowd: Amazing crowd (for an amazing band)

Number of times seen band: 2

Crowd participation: Everyone in the crowd knew the songs. All you could see and hear were people singing and dancing, people screaming the songs back at the band. So no guessing: it was a room packed full of big fans (understandably).

Genre: Post- Punk Britpop

Rating: 9/10 guitars

My review:

  • Lightshow was amazing
  • Songs are great
  • Stage presence was brilliant by every member of the band
  • Totally awesome performance
  • This is a band that should tour internationally, and share their ‘love’
  • Big stage, or small stage, these guys KICK-ASS

Johnny Hunter is seeking absolution, on behalf of all of us, for the terminal millennialism of the past decade. Watching the ‘friends and flavours’ of the music scene come and go, Johnny Hunter are the last men standing from the numerous bands, projects and line-ups that were obviously not built to last (like them).

This band could withstand a nuclear blast, and still keep playing! It was so good to see how much they’d done musically since I saw them last. And to say I’m proud of  (and love) you guys is an understatement. When I saw this gig was happening I was super excited and really wanted to make sure I see you again at the iconic Lansdowne Hotel, therefore I cancelled other bookings to cover this gig. You’re killing it boys. Awesome stuff. Get your freaking arses on a plane overseas and show the world how good you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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