Kimchi Princi 07-06-18 (Live @ Oxford Art Factory)

Kimchi Princi – Organic fantasy rap and raunch

Gig date: 6th July 2018

Venue: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sydney, Australia

Member: Gina Karlikoff A.K.A Kimchi Princi

Support or headline: Support act for Oscar Key Sung (Melbourne)

Good crowd/bad crowd: Wow oh wow, crowd was lovin’ every second of it.

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: Seemed like Kimchi Princi had the whole crowd under her spell. You could see everyone’s jaws drop and looked like they all were hanging on the ground, she had everyone off their feet dancing and screaming every lyric back to her. Good job girl, your outrage is your strength!!

Genre: Pop and a lil bit of rap.

Rating: 6.5/10 guitars

My review:

  • Some very interesting lyrics
  • Great dancing and singing
  • Loved how you used the fan on stage, to your advantage- looked super cool

Set List:

  1. Diaspora Doll
  2. Twice (Unreleased)
  3. Pussy Not Polite
  4. Celibate (Unreleased)
  5. Pasta (Unreleased)
  6. She’s That Princi
  7. Uncuffable (Unreleased)

As far as rising artists go; they don’t get much more exciting than Kimchi Princi. She is your local fashion icon, Internet celebrity and pop star, serving up explicit lyrics and raw raps and a stage presence like none other. Between her hot style and on-fire lyrics, her presence on the Australian music scene is becoming a lot harder to ignore. Great stuff, keep it up.

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