Matt C Gold 07-27-18 (Live @ The Hideaway Bar)

Matt C Gold – A long way from London, but he was quite at home.

Gig date: 27th July 2018

Venue: The Hideaway Bar, Enmore, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: A Londoner than is now living in Sydney, Australia

Member: Matt C. Gold

Support or headline: Support for Anca (Sydney)

Good crowd/bad crowd: Being the first act up at the same time as the doors open is always a little hard, but Matt was great. The crowd loved it. His voice is amazing, and he’s an accomplished guitarist; which helps dramatically.

Number of times seen act: 1

Crowd participation: Crowd was getting into it, supporting and cheering for Matt. They kept shouting out “yes matt, this is amazing man” what better way to show that they love his set? Also, as would appear, good to have friends join you at these gigs for both participation and appreciation.

Genre: Acoustic/soul pop

Rating: 9/10 guitars

My review:

  • His voice is amazing, so down to earth and mellow
  • Even though he didn’t move around, he owned the stage and captivated the audience very well. (do try and move around a little more though)
  • I really like all the songs you played, very catchy.
  • Nice strong and crisp guitar playing: punchy, which accentuates the tunes

Set List:

  1. Play the fool
  2. See Me
  3. Walk Together (video I took)
  4. Battle Lines
  5. Love is the way we’ll go
  6. Soul Mate
  7. Right person, wrong time

Matt is a 26 year-old singer-songwriter from London who is now living in Sydney, Australia. He has written songs about love, and about relationships that haven’t quite worked out back in his UNI-days. He calls his guitar Gary and his loop pedal Lewis. Cool man, cool! The type of music that he sings is Acoustic and Soul Pop- the Soul Pop side of things sounded amazing.

I’d suggest when listening to Matt perform, to close your eyes, listen closely and imagine this is all happening to you, and possibly even write a song about it. Could even be the next big hit! Anyway, Matt is a very talented solo act I feel could go a long way in the music industry. Good luck with everything Matt (music related and just everyday stuff) Hope to see you again soon! Nice gig.

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