The Hundy Pers 07-19-18 (Live @ The Brass Monkey)

The Hundy Pers – What Aussie Rock is all about!  100%

Gig date: 19th July 2018

Venue: The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia

Members: James, Lachlan, Blake and James

Support or headline: Headline

Good crowd/bad crowd: At this point of the night (3 band gig), the crowd could not sit or stand still. They wanted to get up and boogie: Which they did in droves.

Number of times seen band: 2

Crowd participation: The whole room was dancing and lots of (out of key) drunk-singing by the crowd too. Some people were doing some very crazy new  (dance) moves but it just made for an even better night for all.

Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock and Roots

Rating: 10/10 guitars

My review:

  • Songs are amazing
  • My two favourite songs are: “Good Ol’ Times” and “Wondering”
  • James (drummer) is so damn talented
  • James (new bass guitarist) seems to love pulling ‘rock’ faces while performing and is a very good singer.
  • Lachlan (Lead vocals) has always been providing the goods: singing, havin’ a little dance and playing guitar all at the same time! HOW?!
  • Blake (lead guitar) turned up, as always (too) ready to rock and show the crowd his talent.


Set List:

  1. Good Together
  2. Remedy (Video I took)
  3. Good Ol’ Times
  4. Mistakes
  5. Not Quite There
  6. Double Cheese
  7. Stuck In The Middle
  8. Wondering

This band performs and delivers with the spirit of what Aussie rock n roll is known for worldwide, every time they play. The energy they bring, the fun they have and the complete connection with each audience member is not only infectious, it’s addictive.

The Hundy Pers (short for: 100% for all of my foreign readers) crank out a sound way bigger than the tight four-piece that they are, but they bring the audience in as the fifth member of the band. Crowd singing, crowd (in-time mostly) clapping and most of all full on crowd rock-dancing and fun guarantees they always have a packed gig of people ready to party.

Thank God for The Hundy Pers is all I can say, because it is talent and writing like theirs that makes Australian music what it is (still) today. Excellent gig guys, I had a ball.

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