The Shang 08-02-18 (Live @ Waywards- Bank Hotel)

The Shang – the number one band to grab if you want to get a room pumping

Gig date: 2nd August 2018

Venue: Waywards- Bank Hotel, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Members: Zac (vocals), Michael (Lead Guitar) Aiden (Bass) and Flynn (Drums)

Support or headline: Support for Peach Fur

Good crowd/bad crowd: Fantastic crowd. Last band of the night and everyone was going crazy (good crazy).

Number of times seen band: 2

Crowd participation: As any crowd would; having loads of fun, dancing and just talking with friends with a cooling beverage in hand. Awesome night.

Genre: Rock

Rating: 8.5/10 guitars

My review:

  • Fantastic songs
  • An awesome Pink Floyd cover (to perfection, actually)
  • A band that never puts in a half effort. Real crowd pleasers!
  • Try to move around a little more (even on a small stage) and bring out your full energy
  • Introduce each song (please) so we can search them all after the gig

Set List: (Please bare in mind this is not in order, because they accidently left the set list at the venue and couldn’t quite remember the order of songs when we spoke after)

  1. Things I Heard You Say (original)
  2. Time (cover by Pink Floyd)
  3. 24 (original)
  4. Kiki (original)
  5. Live Forever
  6. Way Back Home (original)
  7. Feel your lies (original)

Western Sydney locals The Shang are the number one band to grab if you want to get a room pumping. Their alternative rock sound has given this four-piece a large (and well deserved) following. Resulting in them packing out festival performances and local Western Sydney venues, as well as playing a handful of inner city gigs to large audiences (too).

I’d definitely recommend going to see The Shang at a show soon! e.g. like the Jazmaree gig this Sunday at the Record Crate in Glebe @ 7pm (I’d be getting there early to grab a ticket too BTW!).  Bloody solid show ‘Shang’ers. Had a blast. See you on Sunday!!

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