Triple One 07-28-18 (Live @ The Lansdowne)

Triple One – Capped off a double headline gig by turning the crowd enjoyment (volume knob) up to 11.

Gig date: 28th July 2018

Venue: The Lansdowne, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Inner West, Sydney, Australia

Members: Billy Gunns, Marty Bukkake Large, Obi III Terrors and Lil Dijon

Support or headline: Other headliner act (Yep, there were 2)

Good crowd/bad crowd: Was a lot of Mayhem in the audience, so I’d say it was a brilliant way to end the night. E.g. Crowd-a-licious

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: Dancing, singing, drinking, moshing, jumping and screaming. Taking videos, taking photos and most importantly trying not to get stamped on by the crazy moshers. By gosh, I think we have TOTAL participation!

Genre: Hip Pop

Rating: 10/10 guitars

My review:

  • Wow, what an act
  • Lightshow was great
  • Songs were super cool
  • Atmosphere was absolutely crazy
  • These guys just chucked everything they had at this gig
  • Cool, hilarious and MEGA all in the one performance

Unapologetically vicious and volatile, there isn’t another rap group like Triple One.  Hailing from the Inner-West of Sydney, Triple One has accumulated a cult following, with their signature single ‘Doozy’ recently reaching 1 million views on Youtube. If you blended brash raps with haunting melodic hooks, that’s how you would describe Triple One.

Saturday night was absolute mayhem. Good mayhem, mind you. There were people crowd surfing, members of the band crowd surfing, not one silent person in the room, and the whole room felt like it was going to cave in from all the jumping about. Good on ya’ boys.  Capped off a double headline gig by turning the crowd enjoyment (volume knob) up to 11.

See this band ASAP, but don’t wear any clothes that can’t get: sweaty, sprayed with drinks, moshed to the bejezus, or that you might need for Church the next morning hahahaha!

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