Turtle Skull 07-28-18 (Live @ The Record Crate)

Turtle Skull – This was a gig to remember. That’s how good it was!

Gig date: 28th July 2018

Venue: The Record Crate, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sydney, Australia

Members: Dean, Charlie, Dan, Julian and Tobia

Support or headline: Headline

Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd loved them, of course!

Number of times seen band: 2

Crowd participation: Crowd was moving their heads and bodies to the music. There were a few Moshpits and overall everyone was just having a very fun, and musically fulfilled, time. Total participation.

Genre: Rock

Rating:  9/10 guitars

My review:

  • Charlie (Drummer) gets soooo into it it’s not funny. He’s got the Devil’s stare! See my gig image for proof!
  • Dean (lead singer) is a beautiful singer and such a good guitar player too
  • Dan (keys) absolutely brilliant, just ties the band together perfectly
  • Tobia (percussion) really gets into it. A human whirling dervish
  • Julian (bass guitar) awesome guitar player. Mr Cool.

Saturday night, Turtle Skull (in my humble opinion) played 100 X better than they did last Saturday supporting Zeahorse when I saw them (and they were bloody good at that gig too). I don’t know why, but they just seemed to pour so much more soul into it and were having a lot more fun. It was so easy to see and hear their enjoyment in the audience.

The whole crowd was having a ball too BTW. This was one of those gigs where everything went, and sounded, perfect Thus; the crowd just immersed themselves into the performance from the first song. Even the owner of the Record Crate loved TS. Nice work boys, good luck with writing the album. Can’t wait for new tracks and more gigs.

This was a gig to remember. That’s how good it was!

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