Zeahorse 07-21-18 (Live @ The Lansdowne)

Zeahorse – cranking like a ‘bad-nanny on a long bus ride’ GOING OFF!

Gig date: 21st July 2018

Venue: The Lansdowne,  Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Sydney, Australia

Members: Morgan, Max, Julien and Ben

Support or headline: Headline

Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was going absolutely nuts.

Number of times seen band: 1

Crowd participation: Every audience member was frantically head-banging. The 3 band members from “Wicked City” were up the front and the drummer literally had his head on the stage at some points, after he finally stopped spinning his head round in circles from all that crazy headbanging. Other people raised (up) their beer/glass to toast the band, to give you a full picture of how well the gig went.

Genre: Noisy guitar music (quoted by them)

Rating: 7/10 guitars

My review:

  • Some cool songs
  • Personally, they’re not what I expected, but they proved me wrong and were absolutely incredible, everybody loved them, including me.
  • The lighting was going off, I would definitely advise epileptics to stay away from this gig
  • Guitars and drums were turned up wayyyyy too loud so you could barely hear the vocals.

Set List:

  1. Draino
  2. Tug Boat
  3. Bendo
  4. Pool
  5. Familiar Faeces
  6. Same Boat
  7. To Rana
  8. 20 Nothin
  9. Sabotage (Cover)
  10. Designer Smiles

Sydney’s Zeahorse made an impressive racket at the Lansdowne last night launching their new single ‘Designer Smiles’. The crowd were frothing, forming Moshpits and drinking to ‘oil’ their enthusiasm. Throaty and pushy vocals, downtuned guitars and a lumbering kick-snare combo were in full effect; the muscular magnificence of grunge was given vibrant life by the quartet. Their song To Rana sounded solid, but it was their debut album song ‘Pools’ that got us there, It felt like something made out of stone was roaming around the stage.

I advise you to STOP reading, and START LISTENING!

The Music Producer


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