Astral Cloud Ashes – Grateful for the Ghost in our House

UK-based (the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, to be exact) alternative pop-rock project Astral Cloud Ashes is the musical extension of Anthony Walker who writes and records all of his compositions.  For his debut album, Too Close to the Noise Floor, he enlisted the aid of Jason Neil for additional and backing vocals and Max Saidi on drums for one track.

Too Close to the Noise Floor is filled with DIY-er Walker’s vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming, and synth-work.  Walker has released a supporting video for the single Grateful for the Ghost in our House and it was filmed deep in the forests of Dartmoor.

Bright jags of distorted guitar and an up-tempo drum beat start the tune off at a fast pace, and this continues with a rubbery bass line run, quick cymbals ticks, and briefly strummed guitars.  On the first verse, Walker sing-talks in an unassuming tone, mater-of-factly wondering, “…if I left it to you / would you visit sometimes?”  The short chorus sections pick up with the sweep of burning guitars, cymbals smash, and a rapid drum beat.

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