AV Super Sunshine – Orange

In three mixes of the new single “Orange” from the one and only AV Super Sunshine, the multidimensional personality of an indie stalwart is interpreted in a trifecta of cuts that perhaps summarize AV’s artistry better than anything we’ve heard from him so far.

Orange” is available in a radio mix, a rock mix and a club mix, and while you’re essentially hearing the same song pitched three different ways, each of these tracks affords listeners a foray into a unique facet of contemporary pop music that is engaging on every possible level. If you thought that you had heard the best of AV Super Sunshine, you’d better think again, because this latest affair pushes the limits of his already ambitious sonic profile beyond anything that we could have anticipated.

There are some pretty big textural differences between these versions, starting with the most obvious; the pace of the music. In the rock mix, “Orange” is a little more unassuming lyrically, relying on a heavyset churn to impart the emotion in its words and scaling back the thunder in the percussion.

This contrasts enormously with what we discover when listening to the club and radio mixes, both of which put a lot of stock in their ripping tempos and pulsing grooves. Even though they’re very much the same song in spirit, they say incredibly dissimilar things to me musically, to the point where the narrative of the track differs enough in each mix that it doesn’t feel like we’re listening to the same song over and over.

The melodies are really, really physical in the radio mix of “Orange,” which kind of took me aback at first, mostly because I was expecting the club mix to be a little beefier than it actually is. This isn’t to discount the tonality of the clubbier “Orange,” but rather to establish how surreal it sounds when juxtaposed beside other singles targeting a similar audience.

AV Super Sunshine makes use of every inch of space within the radio mix to jar us with bass and drum chaos, which gets a tad out of hand for a second but manages to find its stride well before we reach the halfway mark (and climax) of the song. Say what you will of modern dance music – “Orange” leaves no room for wallflowers, regardless of how you consume it.

Music enthusiasts can’t go wrong with AV Super Sunshine’s new singles, which truly bring new meaning to the idea of one song having something to make pretty much everyone happy.

Orange” is one of two teaser tracks from AV’s forthcoming LP Candyland, and if the entirety of that record is even half as alluring and stellar as what we hear in these three mixes, fans are in for a heck of a treat this year.

A wise producer once said that if you don’t have the chops to write a song that a hundred artists can play their own way, then you don’t have what it takes to make an impact on music at an elite level, and in this single’s varying forms, we see how effective a well-written hook can be in real time.

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