Barry Muir – Weathered the Storm

The first word that comes to mind when breaking down the hook in Barry Muir’s new single “Weathered the Storm” is bittersweet, because while the melody is quite poppy and comforting, there’s a yearning in the lyrics that suggests an unhappiness not easily resolved over an afternoon smoke. Muir’s words hang over the string play like a nagging dark cloud on an otherwise clear sunny day, but his statements aren’t lacking in authenticity. This player has got something to say in this song, and he’s going to put everything in his heart at the forefront of our attention in a bid to cleanse his soul.

There’s a sense of retrospection in these verses that is at once heartbreaking and rather reaffirming considering the melodic backdrop the words are afforded in “Weathered the Storm,” but at the same time, I’m pressed to say that Muir sounds like he’s living in the moment, poetically speaking.

His lyrical protagonist is fearless and desperate to prove his love to another; it’s the mere hesitance through which these sentiments are being conveyed that affects how we’re made to interpret the rest of the track. This is one heck of a thoughtful songwriter, and I can see other journalists noting as much on their own.

Folky and true to the traditionalist pop model not enough artists are going out of their way to exploit in 2021, “Weathered the Storm” is an immersive listen that doesn’t take more than a single spin to fall in love with. Barry Muir has a lot of competition on either end of the North American content at the moment, but between his soothing voice and what he’s doing with it in this amazing song and its accompanying music video, I’m expecting to be seeing and hearing a lot more from him in the next couple of years.

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