Brooke Moriber – Up All Night

Up All Night, the latest single from singer/songwriter Brooke Moriber, is likely her most complete and impactful musical effort yet. The production captures the song’s emotional turbulence, a battery of synthesizer and pre-programmed instrumentation never sounds lifeless or fake, and Moriber’s voice and lyrics are at the center of it all.

This unusually gifted performer has made a name for herself in both worlds of popular music and acting, but there’s no hint of scattered focus in her musical excursions.

Instead, Moriber is clearly with every word of this song and it fearlessly broaches personal experiences in an universal way while still imbuing the song’s lines with qualities of the real – drinking, staring at the phone for a call or text that never comes, stripping the sheets off the bed, little things like this in the songwriting help make Up All Night fly high. The New York City native, Greenwich Village to be precise, is one of the most formidable talents working in music today and has a sterling reputation as a live performer.

The configuration of pre-programmed instruments making Up All Night purr and move fast through the listener’s landscape isn’t just some hodgepodge assembled to give Moriber a vehicle for her vocal. Instead, the thumping bass, quicksilver synth playing, and breathless pacing set a great stage for Moriber to lay down an equally fiery vocal.

The rising and falling in the song comes at all the right places – we are waiting for these payoffs and, when Moriber delivers, you can tangibly feel the song moving into a higher gear. There’s a very physically, engaging quality to how the track is put together, but it never sounds labored over or too plotted out. The freshness of Moriber’s musical backing can only be ascribed to inspiration and skill – two qualities in abundance on this single.

Moriber’s vocals show off some of their technical abilities throughout the track, but the guiding principle here is passion shaped by technique. It’s never restrained or sterile. Moriber understands how to use her voice to best possible effect and varies her phrasing appropriately with the emotional content of the lyrics.

She cuts her voice to fit both the peaks and valleys of the musical arrangement and it gives the performance an unified quality that few pop songs achieve today. Moriber’s lyrics seem ripped from the pages of her own life – the wealth of detail and the direct eloquence of how she presents the situation make an impact all their own on the listener. She’s given herself excellent material to work with.

Up All Night is the product of a first class talent who, despite the critically favorable notices she’s already received, has only begun to scratch the surface of her talents.

Brooke Moriber, with each successive single, keeps getting better and better and it seems like the sky is the proverbial limit for this musical artist. This is one of 2017’s best new singles and serves notice to anyone listening that Moriber will remain a talent to reckon with for years to come.

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