Bruce Sudano – The Mountain

Adorning the rigid grooves that a gentle strum of acoustic guitar strings and an adjacent drumbeat forge in his new single and music video “The Mountain,” Bruce Sudano’s vocal is steeped in a rustic tone that suggests wisdom and retrospection, yet the harmony it produces with the instrumentation in this track is rich with vitality nonetheless.

In “The Mountain,” Sudano – a veteran songwriter and longtime indie favorite – unleashes some of the best singing he’s recorded to date, and while he’s composed some legendary tunes in the past (including his late wife Donna Summer’s iconic “Bad Girls”), there’s something particularly vulnerable about the narrative in this most recent release.

The master mix here is a little grittier than what I would typically go for in a folky pop song like this one, but in this specific instance, I think that its rough edges complement the raw, unfiltered nature of the musicality in “The Mountain” enough to make the song work better than it would have with a different production scheme. Pop has been over saturated with polished, but aesthetically minimalist-inspired, singles for the past five years or so, but in this track, Sudano is taking an approach counter to most everything his younger contemporaries are toying with – and sounding wholly original in every way that counts as a result.

Bruce Sudano has been providing us with a smart indie soundtrack for decades now, and in “The Mountain,” he reminds critics like myself why his cult following hasn’t stopped growing in the past decade-plus. This is a simple folk-pop single that recalls certain elements of a bygone era in the genre’s history, but make no mistake about it – alongside its familiar faceting, you’re guaranteed to find a wholesome originality in Sudano’s performance that I believe you won’t soon forget. Simply put, this is one hit-maker who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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