Bruising – Honey

The self-described “sappy punx” of Leeds, England-based Bruising aim for the kisser on Honey and deliver a bittersweet garage-rock/indie rock tune that hits in all the right places.

The debut AA single from the band that only formed a year ago is out since late fall on Beech Coma, comprised of lead song Emo Friends and this second single. The sunny, sing-song start of Honey soon turns cloudy with Naomi Baguley sing-talking in a casually unassuming tone that “I never wanted you / as much as you wanted me.” Her confession slowly drips off her tongue, just like the consistency of honey, actually, while a sharply shining guitar line, chugging bass line, and steady drum beat (from bandmates Ben Lewis, Steph, and James) support her sweetly dispassionate vocal delivery.

The guitars and drums roil into a stormy tangle on the surging chorus where the lighter, beach-pop melodies buoyantly ride the waves of grinding guitar distortion and an emphatically slapped drum beat. A brief, calm lull is interjected right before the song’s end, with just the vocalist being accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar strum, before the skies open up again and rain down more Jesus And Mary Chain-like guitar distortion and highly choppy drums hits.

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