Cody Coyote – There Tonight

There Tonight” is the new single from Ottawa-based Ojibwe/Irish singer Cody Coyote. This descendant of the Matachewan First Nation has already enjoyed a great deal of success in his native Canada with an assortment of high-charting hits behind him, but “There Tonight” has the necessary ingredients to be his biggest success yet.

He’s crafted a bold, intelligent, and fiercely musical performance that’s capable of stamping its impression in the memory of every listener and has the sort of mass appeal that extends far past age groups or borders. “There Tonight” is invigorating from the outset and will make believers from even the most skeptical of listeners.

There’s no messing around with this tune. Coyote is here to entertain listeners, and he does, but he’s also here to make you think, relate, and connect. The topic of physical abuse in a romantic relationship isn’t your everyday subject for pop songs, but Coyote is a convincing author in this case and marries it with a gripping musical arrangement that sweetens the seriousness of the topic while still providing it with a lot of sonic muscle.

Yet he’s also careful to never overdo it. “There Tonight” is musically assertive, without question, but only the deaf or those not paying attention will not notice the assorted instances of nuance permeating the performance.

Coyote has put a lot of thought into this work. It isn’t tossed out there in an offhanded manner or overworked to death. “There Tonight”, despite its obvious arranging and the heavy presence of electronic instruments, throws off the same sort of sparks you’d expect to hear from a traditional four piece band playing live in the studio.

Cranking all of this out in less than two and a half minutes of duration is another notable accomplishment. It never feels or sounds rushed, but it does blast past listeners like an unadulterated shot of energy.

It brings us back to one of the track’s overriding strengths – focus. Coyote doesn’t dither. He’s never self-indulgent. Instead, “There Tonight” burns with a fury that indicates how much the song means to him and it has an ultimately life-affirming tilt that invites repeated listens.

Those multiple plays do nothing to make listeners weary of the song either. If anything, it gives you an opportunity to hear the deeper nuances of the song’s arrangement and appreciate the lyrical acumen more. Coyote’s “There Tonight” does an excellent job of treating the song’s subject with the gravity it deserves rather than lightly touching on the topic at hand.

This young man will be around for a long time to come. Get in on this while he’s still starting out and take the journey with him. Canada knows how good Cody Coyote is and soon the world will know as well. It’s impossible to deny his extravagant talents.

Moreover, it’s impossible to deny how tightly he’s tethered to earth as well; he cleaves “There Tonight” out of the all-too-often bitter realities of how a couple can go wrong, and it has the ring of truth.

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