Colin Onderdonk – Tidal Bomb

Dallas, Texas-based singer-songwriter Colin Onderdonk is just 18 years old, but the maturity that he imbues his songs with belie his young age.  Onderdonk not only sings and composes songs, but also plays bass and acoustic guitar and piano.

Onderdonk counts among his influences diverse musicians like Marcus Mumford and Kendrick Lamar, as well as the writings of Steinbeck and C.S. Lewis.  Onderdonk has dropped his debut EP, Proximity Effect; its title being a reference to how sound is amplified when a listen gets closer to it.

The meaning of the EP’s name can be extrapolated to include human relationships, spirituality, and religion, and how we are all connected to one another.

Tidal Bomb is a dynamic, bluesy run that’s stamped with Onderdonk’s distinctive vocals that contain shades of Antony Johnson’s tone.  The full sound includes picked acoustic guitar, deep bass line groove, burning electric guitar lines, a variety of sawing strings, a kicky drum beat, and sharp cymbals smash.

The rhythmic tempo flows around Onderdonk’s as he exclaims in a pained, stark tone, “We wade into dark waters / going into the unknown.”  As the instrumentation crests and ebbs, however, he reassures the listener at one point that, “We are not alone.”

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