Conceptz – Splash

The evolution and rise of hip-hop out of its relative obscurity in the early 1980’s into present day has hardly been a smooth journey. We’ve seen commercial interests change the image of the genre, infighting cause splits within scenes that were once integral to hip-hop’s origin story, and outside influences try to corrupt its integrity by injecting their own ideas about what rap could, and should, sound like to a large audience.

And now, in 2018, rappers are given more tools and opportunity at their disposal then generations who came before them could have ever dreamed of. Creative duos like New York’s Conceptz are taking advantage of all the weapons available for their war on stagnant pop music, and in their latest single Splash they break away from the pack in hopes of setting a new, higher standard for their contemporaries and followers to live up to.

Conceptz is a great representative of this new generation of hip-hop artists who are much more angst-ridden in the 90’s alternative rock sense than those who recorded in the same studios they now do only a decade before. They want to make a mark on this industry that is exclusively their own and doesn’t owe anything to the past, even if it couldn’t exist without the giant strides made by the artists who influenced their interest in music to begin with. Archaic idealism and impossible anti-constructive breakdowns don’t have any place in this new style of hip-hop. Conceptz only looks forward, and that isn’t something most artists are comfortable with or capable of even attempting.

This isn’t another rap song geared to fit in with the socially-conscious, and frankly disingenuous, chronicle being propagated by the establishment today. Conceptz just wants to have fun with their music, and they actually take their desire for fun more seriously than most rappers – or any musicians – take their work. In what can only be described as the definitive irony of our times, Conceptz carefree perspective on life is conveyed to us with more discipline than the artists singing about being chase and refined. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you just might be on the wrong side of history.

The competition should be getting pretty scared right about now. There are a lot of rappers, and by a lot I mean millions, who just want to get to the stable place that Conceptz is at in their careers, and they’re feebly trying to copy their math in hopes of garnering the same results. But this equation is so much more complicated than that.

Conceptz are onto something very unique and very enigmatic that they’re not going to be too keen on sharing with the entire world but won’t have any trouble using to forge even more exciting music than what they have to date. If you want a taste of just how potent a poison their methods can yield, you’re going to want to add Splash to your favorites playlist and give it a couple of really close listens.

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