Felix Devotion – At War

NYC-based singer/composer/writer Joel Uritescu adopted the moniker Felix Devotion in order to channel his musical material and performance art in the electronic pop genre.

At the beginning of October, Devotion self-released his Feminine Being EP, which spotlights the inner balance between the masculine and the feminine of an individual’s essence.  The 5-track EP features Devotion on vocals, piano, and synths.

Stark, but captivating lead single At War focuses on a sharply rhythmic marching tempo, rapidly ticking percussion, and Devotion’s conflicted vocals as he decries the restrictive nature of city life that can block off communication and community.  He plaintively proclaims that, “One day I’ll be set free.”, but for the moment, “…there’s just concrete block and light.”

Devotion’s message is not just about living in a city or town, but extends to any environs, and even an individual’s own mindset.  It’s difficult for unity to develop and love to flow when each person inhabits his/her own world and lives within a circumscribed grid, no matter where he/she lives geographically.  For a full explanation of Devotion’s lyrics for At War and to listen to the track, visit his Bandcamp site by clicking here.

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