Happy Lives – Give Up With

Los Angeles-residing singer/producer Mike Lande grew up in Boston and spent a decade in Brookyn drumming in various bands in the punk genre, but he’s since changed musical style and has now immersed himself in the synth-pop and indie rock realms.

His recent project Happy Lives provides a good to moody time with beats-based, indie music that aims for the mainstream instead of the underground.  Tunes like Sick Love and Give Up With, which was released in early October, overflow with ripe sexuality, a topic that Lande pushes hard as Happy Lives.

Lande take the term ‘bedroom producer’ to heart, getting cheeky on Give Up With as he coos with urgent enthusiasm, “I wanna be there / I wanna love you more.” on the chorus sections.  He’s surrounded by brooding shimmers of extended and winding synths, a supple bass line, the sporadic flurry of percussion and cymbal crash, and hard-working drum strikes.  A lone electric guitar line takes flight near the end of the song, giving Give Up With an indie rock edge as it straddles the boundary between the pop and rock genres.

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