Head Fake – I’m Found

In their latest single and music video, titled “I’m Found,” neo-80’s rockers Head Fake get as experimental as ever with elements of post-punk, rustic Americana and even a touch of throwback pop decadence, and while their influences have never been on their sleeve quite as prominently as they are in this most recent studio work, this band ironically winds up producing something that feels – and sounds – quite futuristic here.

I’m Found” is sleek, oddly cosmopolitan (especially given the countrified narrative of its lyrics and music video) and groove-driven, but more than that, it’s by far one of the more melodic alternative singles I’ve listened to out of the American underground this spring.

The vocals aren’t quite as expressive an element as the drums are in this song, but I wouldn’t say they present us with any sort of lackluster performance amidst the throttling play of the instrumental components here at all. The vague poetry and, specifically, the tone in which it’s delivered unto us frames the beat rather elegantly (rather than the other way around), and when skewed with the mild melodic ebbtide created by the bassline in the distant backdrop, the black and white crooning up front sounds as textured as any of the keys, strings or percussion does.

While the chorus in “I’m Found” feels remarkably jagged and uneven when juxtaposed beside the rest of the composition, I got the impression right away here that this was entirely intentional on the part of Head Fake. By creating a bit of rhythmic discordance at this juncture of the track, they’re able to capitalize on all of the loose tension remaining from the ascent towards the hook. Is it a little complicated compared to what their major label brethren are doing? Sure, but I definitely don’t take these guys for being the sort of artists with a ‘follow the pack’ mentality at all.

You’re not likely to find another indie release quite like the eccentrically stylish “I’m Found” from Head Fake this spring, and though this season is turning out to be a pretty exciting time for fans of alternative music, I would still rank this among the best tracks (and videos, for that matter) that I’ve had the pleasure of taking a peek at recently.

Head Fake aren’t looking to change the world of pop music as we know it, but in songs like this one, they definitely make the underground beat feel a bit more intriguing than it did before their arrival.

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